Services of film company Globus film

Making a project's shooting schedule based on a treatment

We'll analyze your project script from production point of view, draw up a shooting schedule for it and plan all of the logistics

Evaluation of project's production cost

We'll make a detailed budget and help you to optimize shooting process with taking into consideration all of the possible production challenges.

Location scout

We have an extensive database of various locations in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. We'll find suitable location anywhere in Russia and will arrange shooting process wherever you need. We also get all necessary permission in the shortest amount of time.


We'll provide a selection of actors of any necessary level: main actors, daily players, or extras. We'll arrange casting sessions and record videos, We'll also negotiate and fill in all necessary cast agreements paperwork.

Production design

As the result of our extensive experience we know how to recreate any period and we'll arrange set decorations, props, historic vehicles, and costumes from rentals and private collections for your shoot.

Film crew

We'll select and gather professional team members for all of the departments. If there is a necessity we can also hire and deal with foreign professional to work on production and artistic challenges of any level of difficulty.


We've developed our partnership with various major rentals in Russia and Europe for many years. Due to that fact we know where it would be best and least expensive to rent camera kits, lights and other shooting equipment.

Specialized vehicles

We provide your project with any necessary specialized vehicles and crew transportation to meet your production needs

Support for foreign shooting crews in Russia

We provide aid to foreign film  crews: arrange visa support, advise on and help to go smoothly with Carnet ATA, hire English speaking assistants, deal with accommodation and transfers.


We help to get finishing touches for your projects by arranging its editing and dubbing, graphic design, color correction as well as help with preparation to demonstration in movies and on TV.

Catering on set

We are partnered with trusted companies that provide catering services for the film cres. We can select the most suitable catering option for each project individually (meals broght in or cooked right on the set; meal once/twice/three times a day; buffet). We consider all food restrictions and preferences.

Globus film кинокомпания


Кинокомпания «Глобус фильм» организует и проводит съемки художественных и документальных фильмов, сериалов и рекламы на всей территории России. Мы предоставляем полный комплекс услуг и поддержку на всех этапах производства.